I recently applied for an EON card in the UNION Bank of the Philippines. Surprisingly this little debit card has been blessed with electronic banking. This means that while this little cash card can be used as an ATM card it also is capable of handling online transactions.

Along with that it also has internet banking where you can manage your funds online as well as pay bills. Now as a law student with very little income nor any businesses, you might ask what good is an EON card if I do no have any proper cash flow. Well that is precisely why I got the EON card. There are a lot of outsource website content companies here in the Philippines so I applied for some people and got myself a job.

The first question they asked was whether I have an EON card. Of course I had no idea what that was, but listening to them talk about the conveniences of the EON card, i took it upon myself to apply for one.

The Union Bank EON card is ultimately the best tool for online money transactions WHEN YOU GET IT. It’s because the entire process of getting one is a big hassle if you do not know what you are doing. Union bank Staffs especially the new branch in Ayala Center Cebu have no idea on what to advise their clients. I had to come back 3 times just to get the right information. Now I am here to help you


1.) 2 pcs 1×1 Photo

2.) Photocopy of your (Driver’s License, TIN Card, Philhealth Card, SSS Card, or any ID of government agency)

3.) Photocopy of your latest Study Load (For Student EON Applicants)

3.) 350.00 PHP Initial fee for EON Card (1 year)


1.) Fill up the online form for an EON card in their website or you can Fill up the written form in the Bank branch you are applying in

2.) Go to the UNION bank branch of your choice

3.) Perform all tasks required by the bank

The EON card should be ready within 3 – 5 banking days, this means Saturday and Sunday is not included period will start to run on the next banking day. After said period you can then claim your EON card in the bank branch where you applied

Once you acquire your card you can now start applying for online banking. Take note that once you apply for internet banking, you will only be allowed to use the service once you receive the confirmation email from Union Bank. This usually takes 4 – 5 days